Skuid | Reinvent your user interface. Empower your enterprise.

Reinvent your Ui. Empower your enterprise.

Accelerate adoption.

  • Personalize apps to empower your users.
  • Simplify and tailor the Ui to reduce errors.
  • Visualize data to engage and motivate everyone.
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Power productivity.

  • Dramatically improve cognitive analysis.
  • Increase data integrity and completeness.
  • Individualize the big picture with dynamic graphics.
What can you do with Skuid?

Boost your bottom line.

  • Slash development and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce training costs for staff and customers.
  • Replace many one-off apps with a Ui platform.
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Connect code-free to your data with these drag and drop Ui components:

skuid tab set

Tab set.

Insert tabs on top or a side.

skuid table


Create powerful inline editable tables.

skuid field editor

Field Editor.

Build inline editable forms with sections.

skuid calendar


Put a multiview calendar on any page.

skuid panel set

Panel Set.

Add any number of columns of any width.

skuid wizard


Automate your own page workflow.

skuid page title

Page Title.

Title your pages any way you wish.

skuid chatter feed

Chatter Feed.

Get social on any page or tab.

skuid template


Inject html or text or merged data.

skuid page include

Page include.

Insert other pages within pages.

skuid queue


Combine views into consoles.

skuid file


Quickly attach any document.

skuid button


Add buttons to pages and panels.

skuid custom


Write your own javascript components.

skuid image


Quickly attach any image.

skuid labels


Internationalize your interface.

skuid deck


Create cards for each record.

skuid styles


Style your pages with custom CSS.

skuid grid


Create responsive grids.

skuid actions


Assign mobile touch actions.

skuid fields


Drag and drop fields into components.

No-risk trial for developers and administrators.

Install and use Skuid free forever in a Developer Edition org.